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I first met you in Léon Krier’s apartment in
London when you were a visitingscholar at Cambridge University and later, much later, when we were both candidates for the professorship there, which neither of us received, and then again, on other occasions, in, when we talked of

landscape urbanism and the periphery and you gave me one of your city-map ties which I still wear.
And, if I muse like this on all the gifts you bestowed upon me, apart from your perennially, diffident, high-speed, witty affection, then surely two things are embedded in my mind: the very fertile critical concept of “urban acupuncture” and the magnificently canonical L’Illa block in Barcelona, as

a demonstration of the same. This extraordinary intervention changed my thinking totally as to what is still realistically possible, within the tangled chaos of the universal megalopolis; the invention of a totally new stratagem and a totally new catalytic type. As Corbu, the magus of modernity once said: “To design you need talent, to program you need genius”. / New York