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The news of Manuel’s death came to me suddenly and
unexpectedly. My firstreaction was personal of course: sorrow at not seeing that thoughtful, even melancholy face of his suddenly break into a sparkling smile which lit up his eyes and conveyed all his warmth and his curiosity to those around him.
But it was his ability to listen that made him such a wonderful collaborator. When he asked me to work with him on the Corners exhibition a decade or so ago, I hesitated. The theme seemed too restrictive and specific to allow us to tackle the real urban
issues I cared about – but I should have been more trusting. From the beginning, as we discussed the programme and the assembly, it became obvious that this almost anecdotal notion was – under Manuel’s direction - going to be used as a key towards opening a new world of thinking about living in cities, about how space is occupied and used, how streets and squares are inflected by bodily movements round and through buildings.
That seems to me to provide another important lesson that he taught his contemporaries as well as his students: he gave them the sense that the presence, the movement of the citizen-user was the

true shaper of urban space and it seems to me to be the secret of his work and his teaching. It is that perhaps that made him so sought after in the Netherlands, where he transformed several city centers -though I believe that it is his work in Barcelona, El Moll de la Fusta and the Diagonal building, which has done so much to give his home town its new vitality. It is right that when we think of him, it should be his home town, truly his patria, that inevitably and naturally comes to mind. Wherever people care about cities and about architecture, Manuel will be remembered and mourned. / Philadelphia