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I came to know Manuel when he was putting together
his exhibition in Barcelona on cities. He wanted to include Bombay -and that’s how he got in touch with me.
Manuel was a highly visual person. He also understood that cities are primarily about synergy -and so he found the perfect metaphor for that paradigm: the corner building, where two streets intersect. Like the old Flatiron building in New York, or the intersection of the Blvd Saint-Germain and the Rue Bonaparte in Paris, or a street corner in a bazaar in Bombay. That is a concept of breathtaking simplicity and power- and only Manuel could have
thought that up, and insisted on it right through all the many months of preparation, discussion, and regurgitation. The resulting show was sensational, with visitors having to walk right through and past the great corner buildings on this planet, represented by humungous wooden models, each anywhere from 2 to 6 meters tall.
On a personal level, it was also very rewarding to get to know Rosa and Manuel. We met first at MIT in Boston -and then right after that, they flew out to Bombay to see the city for themselves. And then about a year or so later when we were in Majorca, they came to attend my lecture -and then we spent a weekend in their very extraordinary and very elegant house in Artà. For Monika and me, it was like a
scene from a Fellini movie. This old aristocratic house, with an infinite number of rooms and bedrooms. And Manuel had controlled the space in each room, often by simply positioning just one chair -or table- in it. He had a perfect eye. Sunday was a full day, starting with a walk down the road to the local bakery, and continuing with a visit to Jorn Utzon’s house on the beach, and ending with the old monastery on the mountains overlooking Palmas de Majorca, where Chopin tried to recuperate from his fatal illness. Rosa and Manuel. It was such a pleasure to be with them – something we can never forget. / Bombay